Research at CHEMAMSE

Centro Studi Circular Economy

The research at CHEMAMSE is focused on the preparation and characterization of materials for application in the field of energy. The materials are used to assemble prototype devices which are extensively characterized under operative conditions.

The research work consists in a broad range of activities, including:

  • Design of new materials starting from basic chemistry and physics concepts;
  • Novel chemical synthesis and processing;
  • Advanced materials characterization;
  • Measurement of physical and chemical properties;
  • Fabrication and evaluation of prototype devices;
  • Development of a fundamental understanding of the structure-property-performance relationships of the materials.

In particular, most of the research efforts are devoted to the synthesis and the study of materials for:

  • Primary and secondary batteries;
  • Fuel cells;
  • Electrochemical supercapacitors;
  • Field-effect transistors;
  • Sensors;
  • Actuators;
  • Photo-electrochemical devices.